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We looked at many home builders before choosing Arbanella/Carmody Homes. A lot of what other builders called 'options' were standard with Arbanella/Carmody Homes. Their homes are of exceptional quality & an excellent investment for new home buyers. They really deliver what they promise.
Received from, The Ramos'
We, the Girard family, experienced a warm & friendly environment when visiting Arbanella/Carmody Homes models. The model home was clean & up-to-date with the latest & greatest home fashions. Maryanne was very helpful & willing to go the extra mile with our home buying decisions. Thanks to Maryanne, Dan & Fred this home buying experience was most enjoyable.
Received from, The Girards'
We rented from Dan Carmody for two years while we saved for a down payment on a house. When we had the money, we searched all over for the perfect place to raise our family. Then, Dan suggested Elkhorn West, and as soon as we saw it we loved it. With Dan and Maryanne's help it was so easy to make the move from renting to owning and we were in our new home within 60 days. We have been here for 2+ years and we love it! It's a great family neighborhood and the people around us are wonderful.
Received from, Robert and Erryn
Arbanella/Carmody Homes has provided a quality home for a resonable price. They have done a good job on the 1st year follow-up fixes. We are pleased to show-off our new home to all our friends. Maryanne did a great job of leading us through the buying process & even sold our existing home in a short period of time. We would recommend Arbanella/Carmody Homes to anyone.
Received from, David & Carol
As an owner of homes in many different locations & states, comparisons had to be made when purchasing our Arbanella/Carmody Home in Elkhorn. The most basic items that got our attention were the home designs, quality workmanship, characteristic of the builder & sales personnel, price & available financing.
Received from, John & Maria
Does building a home of your very own seem impossible? We thought so too! Our past credit issues seemed overwhelming and the possibility of getting financing seemed unattainable!

After renting from Dan Carmody for a few years, we received a letter from him introducing the opportunity to build a home. Although we dreamed of building our own home, we were apprehensive to do so, due to our credit situation. We ended up throwing away that letter.

We are extremely thankful that Dan was persistent and sent us another letter several months later. Although we were still very skeptical, we contacted Maryanne McConnell. She was very eager to work with us and pointed us in the direction of a lender that could assist us in obtaining the financing we needed to build our new home.

Watching our home being built by the Arbanella Carmody Team was very exciting - from selecting interior colors to watching the siding go up - this was truly a rewarding experience for our entire family.

In the end, Dan, Maryanne and the rest of the Arbanella Carmody Team proved that building our own home was not an impossible dream after all - dreams really do come true! We are very pleased with our new home. Our only regret is throwing away that first letter that we received from Dan!

Received from, Mark & Sonnya

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